Today I made bagels for the first time!  They are ugly (I think several of them are trying to be croissants), but I am very proud nonetheless.  Maybe Kevin will impart some wisdom on the subject…or maybe I just need practice. I also made blueberry scones today, but my grasp finally exceeded my reach in the “every recipe is a buttermilk recipe if you try hard enough” category, and they turned out alarmingly fluffy.  That would be great for muffins or pancakes, but as scones, they are suffering from an identity crisis.  I am suitably chastised, and my next attempt at scones will be strictly by the recipe book.


One response to “Bagels

  1. I feel that you are on the verge of a culinary epiphany: bagel-croissants and scone-pancake-muffins.
    They look delightful.

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