Yellow Dress



I was initially ambivalent about this dress, but it grew on me.  The explosion of yellow is not as flattering as I’d imagined.  Future iterations will have a contrasting waistband.  There’s no zipper and no buttonholes, so it’s perfect as a easy, breezy summer sundress pattern. 

P.S. I know the mirror photo thing is dorky, but futzing with the self-timer and a makeshift tripod is also an imperfect solution.


3 responses to “Yellow Dress

  1. Why the diet of all dietness? You have whittled yourself down to the size of the 1.75 lb bag of chocolate (see the later cookie post).

  2. I think I’ve lost enough weight that I am only about ten pounds away from looking good in a bikini. I’m biting the bullet; I have a plan that involves SlimFast bars and steely determination to get me there.

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