Granola Bars: Take Two



Now with 50% less failure!

I made a second go at the granola bars I attempted last week.  This time I cut the sugar in half (last time they were practically saccharine).  I also left out the cinnamon, used cranberries instead of raisins, used a mix of peanuts and almonds instead of just almonds, and threw in some coconut as unaligned fiber reinforcement (I’m joining a composites group, can you tell?).  All in all, an improvement: the sweetness is about right, though the bars are more crumbly because the honey/sugar syrup is the binder.  The peanut flavor works well, and the cranberries didn’t burn like the raisins.  Unfortunately, I forgot to grease the aluminum foil, so I had to assault the (improved!) granola bars to get them off their backing.  Instead of 18 3″x3″ granola bars, I have about 18 granola bars with a distribution of sizes and shapes, and a Rubbermaid full of “granola,” as a I have christened the clusters of granola bar debris left on the cutting board.


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