Whole Wheat Bagels



I’d been wanting to tackle bagels again since the first attempt, which was good but with room for improvement.  I trusted my instincts on the dough this time (I love that I’m developing instincts on dough), and the texture was more classically bagel-icious.  I used half whole wheat flour and I was very satisfied with the outcome.  Fresh out of the oven, these were close-your-eyes, chew-very-slowly, sigh-just-a-little good.  Now, if only I could make them look less like croissants…


2 responses to “Whole Wheat Bagels

  1. A tip on the ‘croissant problem:’ Don’t try to do the rope-a-dope bagel. What I did with mine (http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeblubaugh/3497043705/) was to make little balls after the punch down, let them rest for about 5 mins, then claw out a hole with my thumb. Maybe not too elegeant, but my bagels look darn bagel-like.

  2. I looked at your bagels…now I’m embarrassed. There’s always next weekend, I guess.

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