Tuscan White Beans



Yesterday I came home from a long day of studying and looked at my cabinet, thinking, “cereal for dinner sounds really good.”  Then I realized I haven’t had cereal for dinner since I was an undergrad.  Dammit, I am better than that!  So instead of studying more, I made Tuscan white beans (recipe).  I have to say I prefer provencal white beans, but this was a nice preparation.  I’m always looking for ways to prepare beans that are not (1) chili or (2) black beans and rice.


2 responses to “Tuscan White Beans

  1. Next time, consider the following:

    mirepoix of onion, carrot and celery, sauteed in either olive oil or bacon drippings. pinch of salt and pepper. cook until vegetables are softened, then add beans. add water, chicken stock or vegetable broth. if you have the rind from a wheel of Parmesan cheese, you can add that as well. cover and simmer on medium-low to low heat or until beans are cooked through, about 20 to 25 minutes. drizzle with some extra-virgin olive oil, maybe add a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese, maybe some chopped parsley or thyme and serve.

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