Peanut Butter Cup Cookies



My general policy for baking for the department is this:  the first time, and on your birthday, I’ll make anything you want.  Any other nibbles are at my discretion.  (Though I’m not totally heartless; I will consider polite requests.  Especially if they come from someone cute.)  One of the second-years asked for these cookies with a description that went something like, “My stepmom makes them.  They have Reese’s cups in them.”  I consulted the internet and found a number of recipes that match this description–the second half of it, at any rate.  I went for the one from Joy of Baking because that site hasn’t let me down yet.  Here’s hoping these cookies don’t let Josh down either…I sense a “this isn’t what I wanted” loophole in the you-call-it scheme.


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