Dog Jerseys



I was apprehensive at the start of this project because I’m not used to working with sportswear fabric or sewing for dogs.  I could not be more tickled with how these turned out, though; maybe you’ll be tickled too when you hear why I was making them.

The dogs, Sydney and Jasmine, belong to my  friend Stacey.  Along with two other grad students, we are running the 2009 Chicago marathon, via the Team In Training program, to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  The dogs are training with us.  To that end, Stacey hatched a plan to make jerseys for them.  There is a pocket on one side to hold our water bottles and granola bars on the long weekend runs, and a blank slate on the other to put sponsor logos.  We’re hoping local pet stores, as well as the vet and the dog food company, will donate to the cause in exchange for this unique advertising opportunity.  When my official TNT fundraising site is up, I’ll post the link.  If you’re wondering how two polymer scientists look after a twelve mile run, hit up facebook; Stacey has taken a photo after ever run to chronicle our progress.  If you’re not my facebook friend and you would like to be, leave a comment explaining that you are not a creepy stalker, and we will work it out.


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