Hearth Bread


Today I baked the first of several recipes from the RLB Bread Bible.  It turned out gorgeously despite my feelings of forboding.  You see, wet sticky doughs make me nervous.  They feel too much like batter, and I am always tempted to add more flour, to knead longer, to do whatever I can to bring the dough towards a dough-ier state.  This time I resisted temptation, though I was certain when I put the wet sticky torpedo in the oven that it was going to be a miserable failure.  (I even googled “bread bible ‘hearth bread’ failure” to get a jump on figuring out what went wrong.)  But sure enough, the unassuming dough baked  up into a soft, flavorful bread with the kind of crust that lets your teeth know it’s there and leaves the counter covered in crumbs.

So, from this experience I take a life lesson as well as a baking one:  when the going gets messy, step back, take a deep breath, and trust that everything will work out as it should.


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