Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes


I found fresh blueberries at the discount grocery yesterday!  (Frozen is my standard MO.)  I must have spent at least an hour picking through recipes, trying to choose one that would do the freshness justice (e.g., not muffins) without requiring a king’s ransom in blueberries, discounted or no (e.g., not cobbler).  I finally settled on tried-and-true whole wheat pancakes, this time returning to the AB version (there’s a recipe here) that served me so well in the past.  I added half a cup of oats for texture and general wholesomeness.  I should have replaced some of the flour with oats instead of adding them, or upped the buttermilk accordingly; the batter was very thick, leading to the irregularly shaped but delicious creations above.

Also, a note on formatting: taking pictures of the “before” and “after” really demonstrates what’s gratifying to me about my hobbies, and it has made me much better about my prep/mise en place.  But it’s not really feasible for some situations, and you’re probably tired of seeing pictures of flour and sugar, so I’m scrapping it.  You’ll just have to trust that the finished products are, in fact, my creations.


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