Glazed Cinnamon Rolls


I came home from the library this weekend with Baking Illustrated, and I am infatuated.  Breathless, grinning, head over heels.  I feel so guilty.  My old stalwart, the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook, has been good to me, but I think this is “the one.”  Though I shouldn’t write MS off just yet; everything I’ve made from it has been perfect.  Maybe we’re just better off as friends.

First off, I made the cinnamon rolls, though I did use a drizzle of glaze from the ATK recipe rather than the smear of cream cheese frosting recommended in this book.  This dough–I could get rhapsodic about this dough.  When I went to roll it out, it looked like it would be sticky and difficult, but under my hands it was velvet.  Not sticky at all, not too elastic either…perfect.  It also rose like gangbusters.  I left it to rise while I went out to run some errands, and when I came back, it had quadrupled in size.  So energetic was this yeast, I may have overproofed it a little before baking it, which is why the coils are pulling apart.  But that’s on me, not the recipe.  Oh, and the taste?  Ecstasy.  I had one for dessert last night after I made them, intending to give the rest away.  But then I had another for breakfast this morning.

I can’t speak for anyone else in my life, but Mirabelle appears to approve of the switch to Baking Illustrated.  



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