Pizza Bianca with Arugula


Last night’s dinner was homemade pizza, with dough and topping recipes from The Bread Bible.  It made me think of the first (and last) time I had pizza with arugula:  I was in London and sharing it with two wonderful friends.  Alas, this dish did not physically transport me to Europe, but the combination of homemade crust, melted mozzerella, bitter arugula, and a drizzle of good olive oil was an indulgent experience nonetheless.

Now, about that crust.  The flavor was great.  RLB goes to great lengths to avoid developing gluten in the dough, to maximize crispiness.  While too much gluten makes the dough difficult to stretch into a round, I found that this dough was on the opposite end of the spectrum.  There was not enough strength in the dough and I couldn’t avoid tearing holes in it, no matter how gently I stretched.  The holes patched themselves up after proofing and baking, but I was put off by that.  I also happen to like a little chew in my crust, so I knew before I made it that this would probably not be my favorite pizza dough recipe.  It was still better than delivery (obviously), but I’ll try the Baking Illustrated or MS Baking Handbook version next.


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