Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Cookie Cake

Anion selected a chocolate chip cookie cake as her birthday treat way back in January and has been looking forward to it ever since.  I guess she didn’t want it as much as she said she did, though, because the girl is completely MIA.  Either she is hiding from the bullpen and thus avoiding all our calls and texts, or she is in a ditch somewhere.  (I jest, but I’m actually starting to get worried…Ashley, honey, if you read this, give me a call, m’kay?)  Once word got around that I was holding out on cookie cake, people started to get mopey, so we cut into it anyway.  I’ll make her another one.


As for the cake:  my goal in this project was a cookie cake for grown-ups.  That is, a cookie cake with better cookies, better frosting, and better presentation than the insipid brown and white mall creations we craved as rugrats.  That’s why I went with layers.  (That, and it’s a good excuse to sneak in more frosting.)  If the cookies look underbaked, that’s because they are; the birthday girl, like most of my friends, likes her cookies best when they’re “pretty much dough.”  I used the AB recipe (of course) and the chocolate buttercream that was such a hit on Matt’s cupcakes.

Also, it turns out my camera does have a pretty sweet little macro feature.  Who knew?


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