Angel Food Cake


I finally accumulated enough egg whites to tackle angel food cake!  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  The process is very specific, and involves some patience, but overall it wasn’t too bad.  Honestly, the biggest struggle was deciding which recipe to use.  I have so much loyalty to the MS Baking Handbook, but Baking Illustrated gives ingredients by weight, so it won out.  The cake was tender and fluffy and sweet, not cottony and dry like the angel food cakes you buy in the store.  I served it with homemade blueberry compote

I also made pizza tonight (zucchini and bell pepper, with the Baking Illustrated whole wheat crust), but it was just too good, and we polished it off before I so much as looked at my camera.  But that’s the best way, right?


3 responses to “Angel Food Cake

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  2. Get you some dehydrated egg whites, woman! My grandma brought me some a few months ago and they ROCK MY WORLD.

    Apparently you can also get dehydrated buttermilk. Just FYI.

    • I’ve contemplated the dehydrated egg whites. Not buttermilk, though–I feel like having real buttermilk on hand at all times is just part of being a baker in the deep south. I do buy it at the discount grocery, though.

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