I was looking for a challenge today, something that would be appropriate for the bullpen while nudging me out of my muffins and cookies monotony and into the baking big leagues.  Flipping through Baking Illustrated, I settled on rugelach, which had the added advantage of using up the cream cheese and finely chopped walnuts hanging around my kitchen.  And so I very proudly present my first pastry!  They’re flaky and everything!  They are imperfect, no doubt, but I find them charming.  I will say, I reduced the filling by about half to cut down on calories.  (Yeah, lame, I know.)  Even so, they were almost overflowing–I don’t know how one would wedge the proscribed amount of filling in there.  Also, instead of the traditional apricot preserves, I used my grandmother’s peach preserves.  So the rugelach is 100% homemade, if not entirely by me.


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