Poppy Seed Bagels


I’ve been eyeing the bagels recipe the RLB Bread Bible, and I finally got around to baking them.  I was going to wait and have one for breakfast tomorrow, but they just looked so chewy.  Also, I ran a half marathon this morning, so that could have something to do with craving for unadulterated carbs.

I used approximately half whole wheat flour.  The texture of these bagels is wonderful, but I have a few complaints.  First, the egg wash yields a crust that is considerably more brown and crunchy than I would expect from a bagel.  Second, the inclusion of a little bit of black pepper in the dough produces a flavor that nags at your tastebuds, but not in a good way.  I think I’ll stick to the Martha Stewart recipe–until I come home from the library with another baking book, that is.  On the bright side, I formed the bagels with the inelegant but effective “make a ball and poke a hole” method, and none of them came out looking like croissants.  Negativity aside, making bagels is fun!  I can see why Kevvel digs it.


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