Blueberry Galette


I usually try to post things in the order that I made them, but the delicousness of this galette was so overwhelming that I had to put it in words before I go to bed tonight.  Also, doing justice to the meal that preceded this dessert would take more energy than I have right now.  I’ll keep this quick.  The crust:  Martha’s cornmeal pâte brisée, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t just about perfect.  Of course, it was hard to judge, because the crust was a delivery vehicle for a blueberry filling that oozed just enough.  The blueberries were the tail end of last week’s Pearl River Blues Berry Farm adventure, though I had to delve into Adam’s stash, as mine has been pretty well depleted at this point.  I served it à la mode, and we ate it plates in hand, standing around the kitchen island, too fixated on the pie to move back to the dining room.  (Yes, it’s ugly; from what I understand, that’s part of the “rustic charm” of the galette.)


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