Roasted Pepper Pasta


I had been waiting to have people over for dinner until I was totally settled in the cabinets and counters of my new home.  Monday night it finally happened.  The four of us who participated in the u-pick vegetable madness piled into my kitchen to put a dent in some of that produce.  I think every cutting board and paring knife I own was put into service, which is clearly the justification for owing so many.

The main course was pasta with roasted pepper sauce, from the CI pasta book.  The recipe was basically a mess of orange peppers, roasted, peeled, and chopped, and whisked into a rustic melange with a hearty pour of olive oil and a generous helping of minced garlic.  We upped the ante by throwing a couple of roasted chile peppers into the mix.  The final sauce was zesty (Stacey’s word choice), with a subtle heat from the chile peppers.  I could not have asked for a better inauguration for my kitchen.


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