Capellini al Cruda


Capellini al cruda is a dish I’ve enjoyed in restaurants a lot over the years, from the first (nerve-wracking) dinner with an ex-boyfriend’s parents to my last night out in Minneapolis with my colleague and co-adventurer Jon last summer.  And that’s why I have mixed emotions about being able to recreate this sublime, simple repast in my own kitchen.  Major occasions call for major meals.  I can’t help but think that every forkful of fresh, garlicky tomato at the La Scalas and Chianti Grills of my future will be less delicious for knowing I don’t have to leave the house–and pay $13–to experience that pleasure.  The pain, however, may be worth the pleasure of making this at least twice a week for the rest of tomato season.

(On a more practical note: the recipe came from Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, and uses parsley and oregano instead of basil as the herbs of choice.  I thought I’d prefer the basil, but as always, Martha knows her shizz.)


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