Dinner Party

Dust off you imagination and give it a little shake, because I don’t have pictures of last night’s dinner for seven.  ButI did a whiz-bang job putting it together, too, so I want to commemorate it somehow.  It was intense–I went straight from my office to yoga class to the kitchen.  Seriously, I got home and turned on the oven before I set my purse down.

The oven had to preheat to a solid 450F, because I was making Anion’s favorite–butternut squash and bacon pizza, with the Baking Illustrated whole wheat crust.  You might say, “butternut squash isn’t in season, silly!”  And I might reply, “we picked it ourselves at the vegetable farm…who’s silly now?”

After I took the pizza out of the oven, I slid in a galette.  This is the third I’ve made–first the blueberry, then blueberry-nectarine (another dinner party from which no photographs emerged, which is too bad, because the bruscetta was perfect and the vodka sauce was money), and then apricot last night.  I can see why hardworking gourmands are so infauated with this informal creation.  They say things like  “just throw it together” and “use whatever fruit you have on hand.”  And you know what?  They’re right.  The cornmeal pâte brisée goes together in about five minutes and chills overnight.  You can roll it out in a few spare moments before dinner, pile on the fruit any which way, and let it bake while you’re eating the main course.  And then, because it’s summer and because you can, you serve it with vanilla frozen yogurt for a desser that delights without weighing you down.


One response to “Dinner Party

  1. “a dessert that delights without weighing you down.”

    It’s phrases like this that are going to land you on The Food Network. Screw engineering.

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