Whole Grain Pancake (Mix)


I’m coming around to the Whole Grain Baking book.  The breads have been mostly excellent, including wheat rolls from last night that may get photographed if there’s one left when I get home.  And then these pancakes were top-notch.

The premise behind DIY pancake mixes is that you have the Saturday morning convenience of Bisquick, but with better flavor and no funky chemicals.  I’ve never really bothered before; after all, if I have to get out eggs and buttermilk anyway, the other ingredients aren’t much of a stretch.  But when you think about it, they add up: AP flour, whole wheat flour, oats, baking soda, baking powder, salt, butter.  These things are all mixed in my freezer now, so when I make pancakes next weekend, I just have to scoop out a cup, add the eggs and buttermilk, and wait for the griddle to heat.  Why did it take me so long to embrace this idea?

As for the pancakes themselves: phenomenal.  I think the trick to a really great whole wheat pancake is a very wet batter.  When the batter is too thick, it doesn’t spread enough on the griddle, and the resulting texture is less like a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth pancake and more like a soft muffin.  The chewy character of the whole wheat exacerbates the muffin-ness.  The wet batter cooks into flat, perfect rounds tapering into nice firm edges.  These were some gourgous pancakes.

Gorgeous pancakes deserve a gorgeous setting.  Reason #1675 this weekend was amazing: I ate them sitting outside on my deck, on a beautiful less-humid-than-average morning, with my coffee, The Economist, and absolutely no work to do.


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