Peach Galette


Behold my third and final contribution to gumbo night: peach galette.  Blueberry still wins for flavor, but this one takes the cake for pretty.  I didn’t get a picture of the pie before we cut it, but it was a work of art.  I used the cornmeal galette dough from the ATK book, which called for a less butter than the traditional version, as well as a sour cream/ice water mixture for the binder.  I wasn’t too impressed until I piled on the fruit and went to fold the edges in.  I nudged them a little and they practically fell into perfect pleats.  I think I preferred the taste of the old-fashioned pâte brisée; I don’t know which I’ll use in the future.

Also, piecrust?  I haven’t mastered it–that will be decades yet–but I have turned out acceptable galette crusts four times now.  I think that’s a trend.


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