Southwestern Black Bean Salad

Bean Salad

I thought that once I was finished with comps, my life would settle into a steady 8-to-5 routine.  That routine has yet to materialize.  As a result, I am currently over the moon about bean salads.  They go together with a minimum of fuss (if you’re using canned beans) and they actually taste best a few days after you make them.  You can pack them full of veggies.  Then you have a nutritous, filling one-part meal to throw in a rubbermaid and eat before yoga, after errands, in the middle of a long work day, or any other time you can squeeze in a few bites of something delicious.

The “chop some vegetables, add some beans” concept is pretty simple, but I wanted some guidance for the dressing, so I went with this Cooking Light recipe and was quite pleased with the results.  The salad would be prettier if I hadn’t run out of black beans and subbed in a can great northerns.  I had dried black beans, but not a time machine (rats!), so it is what it is.


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