Silky Butternut Squash Soup

Since the start of 2010, I have finished four pairs of socks.  (Lay off, I’ve been busy.)  But right now I’m going to talk about the soup I made last night, because it was just. That.  Good.

I was first dragged down this particular rabbit hole by the America’s Test Kitchen weekly email, which advertised a silky butternut squash soup that tasted like butternut squash instead of liquid pumpkin pie.  I am as guilty as anyone of taking a “throw in every spice you can find” approach when seasoning butternut squash soup.  So I was intrigued.  The recipe was not available to miserly me, but I found a transcription of it here.

And can I say, “wowsers?”  This soup delivered.  I don’t know if it was the method, or the onions and garlic (I was out of shallots), or the seeds-and-fibers step, but there was a full, rich flavor rounding out the taste of the squash without overwhelming you with spices.  Even without the half cup of cream (I was out of cream, and besides using cream in dinner dishes makes me twitchy), it was still plenty silky.  I did use the full four tablespoons of butter, which also made me twitch a little, but I’m trying to learn to deal with it.

I do have one side note.  Scooping the flesh from the (hot!) peel at the end of steaming was a pain.  Next time I will just peel the squash before I steam it.  Less effective steaming technique, happier Kat.


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