Cabled Footlets

Finally: I present the sunshine-yellow footlets I knitted some time ago, when Mississippi was still in the grips of a particularly rough “winter.”  These were an indulgent project.  Partly because they were the first thing I’ve knitted for myself since Christmas sock-making started at some point in 2009.  And partly because they are so unnecessary.  These are not “making the half-mile trek to campus in single-digit temperatures” socks.  These are not “sleeping in three layers and under two blankets to save on heating bills” socks.  These are “it’s 35 degrees outside and I’m not leaving the couch” socks.  They’re perfect for lazy Saturday mornings, for insulating the bit of foot that pokes out from under the afghan, while you sit on that couch eating pancakes and watching “Good Eats.”  They are downright decadent, and I have an irresponsible, illogical love of decadence for its own sake.

I’m quite fond of these little guys for another reason: the cabling on the back.  I have flipped past this cable pattern in my stitch book for years, but I could never come up with a reason to use it.  It’s labor intensive and the drape is non-existent.  It was perfectly suited to the heel flap, where a thick fabric is desired and the labor is done after 30 rows.


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