Satin-Trimmed Skirt

I have sewing space again!  There’s no describing how much this delights me.  I’ve been without dedicated sewing space since last May.  To inaugurate the new setup, and ease back into sewing, I made a basic A-line skirt.  The whole thing would have been finished in two hours if I hadn’t decided to trim it up.

The fabric is from an old dust ruffle and I made the bias tape (used for the hem and the flowers) with a bit of satin print that I lovelovelove left over from another dress.  My spring goal, for the sewing and the cooking, is to plow through as much of my reserves as possible before I have to move it all again.  A well-stocked pantry and a bursting fabric stash are comforting and homey until you have to pack.

(And look at that zipper!  I’ve still got it!)


One response to “Satin-Trimmed Skirt

  1. I love that bedspread! That thing pops.

    The skirt looks good, too. I’m happy you have sewing space again 🙂

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