Dulce de Leche Brownies

Either I am one heck of a baker or this is one heck of a brownie recipe.  Well, I think I’m a pretty good baker under normal circumstances; but after my third fourth glass of wine?  While telling my roommate a very involved story about sexual harassment?  The fact that these brownies turned out so very, very well in spite of the distractions is either an indication of my baking prowess or–more likely–a testament to the robustness of the David Lebovitz recipe.  Actually, considering that I almost forgot the sugar…it’s definitely the recipe.

No double boilers, no complicated reheating steps, no blooming of the cocoa and no more than two types of chocolate: these brownies are comfort food with a comfortable prep process.  Just a pot, a bowl, a whisk, and maybe a spatula.  Oh, and a roommate who steals scoops of batter while you’re working–because that way, she can’t judge when you do it too.


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