I am a failure as a blogger.  And it’s not the blogging that gets me.  I make things.  I take pictures of them.  I draft posts talking about the things I’ve made.  The bottleneck here (the rate-limiting step, if you will) is getting the pictures onto my computer.  First my camera was at home, but my cable was at work; and then I brought my camera to work, but got busy actually working and never unloaded the pictures…and so on.

It took me a while, but I have finally accepted that the pictures of tapenade and whole-wheat pitas are not going to make it onto the blog.  So take my word for it: I made tapenade and whole-wheat pitas.  They were both surprisingly easy and very delicious.  There was butternut squash and barley risotto, and while I’m on the B’s, you should know that I won a brownie bake-off.  I’ll be a better food blogger next month, I promise.  Maybe.


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