Whole Wheat Pitas

(Note: this post was originally written in early April.  Sometimes it takes me a while to get pictures off my camera.)

In these days of “WTF?” and “C.F.” and “D-bag,” PITA has come to mean “pain in the you-know-what.”  That’s funny, because it turns out homemade pitas are anything but.  I used this recipe, my KitchenAid Kiki did the kneading, and after one rise and a short baking time, I was looking at two pans of gorgeous, puffy pitas.  I didn’t really believe that a pocket would magically develop–I figured I’d have flatbread–but it did.  Like magic.

One caveat: these babies get willfully, stubbornly stale.  The shape precludes toasting and they refused to soak up soup.  On the upside, they are so good that you shouldn’t have leftovers.  Unless, of course, you make them at 8 PM the night before you leave for a trip, because you promised them to your roommate a week ago.  (Whoops.)


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