Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Last week, when I was trying to think of something interesting to do with my oversized stash of frozen corn (Sam’s Club, you win again), the phrase “corn salsa” popped into my head.  Corn and black bean salad was a recurring character in my summer ’09 diet, but for this I envisioned something more sauce-like, with the flavors and textures twined together.  I got to googling, and found a few cooks who shared my vision.

I’m quite proud of the finished result, and not just because it tasted good (although it did).  I conceived and executed this dish more-or-less independently, and it worked.  Thus, I feel like I’m developing some instincts for this cooking business.  I drew some inspiration and some ingredient ratios from this recipe and this one, but the final process was far enough removed from both as to be my own.  Now, if I were a real food blogger, this would be where I type up my recipe, including a little “adapted from” subtitle, and you could go forth and create.  But I am honest with myself.  Honestly, no one out there in internet-world really cares about Kat’s corn salsa recipe; and honestly, I’m lazy.


One response to “Corn and Black Bean Salsa

  1. Except me. Send it along, lady. Summer is upon us and I need some salsa.

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