Cornmeal Waffles

Saturday morning found my thumbing through the KAF Whole Grain Baking cookbook, itching to try something new.  The “breakfast” section of that book has never disappointed me.  I was feeling particularly southern, after spending a few days introducing a friend to the Deep South, so I followed my instincts and started melting butter for the cornmeal waffles.  Ultimately, I have to say that for the “breakfast foods that have the delicious essence of cornbread, but in a different form, bewildering the palate and charming the soul” category, the cornmeal pancakes from the same book take the blue ribbon.  But that’s a pretty great category, all things considered, and there’s no shame in second place.  Also, this recipe is less sweet than the pancakes and the waffle approach gives a nice crisp crust, so some might describe it as the platonic ideal of southern cornbread reworked for breakfast.


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