Brown Butter Pancakes

Ahh, blog fail.  February was nuts, y’all.

[Appropriate and clever transition]

When Joy the Baker posted a recipe for brown butter pancakes, I bookmarked it immediately, because brown butter and pancakes are probably two of my favorite culinary concepts.  I dragged my feet on making them, though, because my expectations were low.  As much as I love brown butter, I find that its nuances usually fade into the cacophony of the final dish; and I thought three measly tablespoons of it would be undetectable.  I was completely wrong.  It turns out that something as simple as these pancakes–just flour and eggs and buttermilk, no more, no less–is the perfect backdrop for brown butter.  The nutty rich wonderfulness came through beautifully.  The difference in taste wasn’t extreme, but the smell…oh, the smell.  I’m still daydreaming about that smell.


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